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A man and a woman look at Gustav Klimt’s painting "The Kiss".
At this very moment two people are losing themselves in a kiss that changed the art world. When will it change you? Klimt at Belvedere

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View of City Hall from the Burgtheater

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Ost Klub DJ

Ost Klub

A small musical travel agency that connects to the historical role of Vienna as a world metropolis and centre of a multi-ethnic state: the Ost Klub. Situated on Schwarzenbergplatz, it is a cultural hub between East and West.

Accordion player
Ost Klub, guitar players

Vienna's past as the centre of a multicultural, multi-ethnic state may contribute to the romantic aura of the locality - but it is a fact that the Ost Klub is the gateway to the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Russia. Not far from the Ringstraße, between the Russian memorial and numerous embassies and cultural institutions located around Schwarzenbergplatz, the Ost Klub has put down roots in a historic place.

After the Second World War, American GIs founded the city's first jazz club here. Since 2005, Balkan beats, Gypsy swing, Klezmer punk and Turbo polka have set the tone on around of 1000 m2 of club space. The Ost Klub also extends its themed, musical feelers in other directions and world musicians from the north, south and west are also very welcome here as guests.

Renowned festivals such as the Accordion Festival, the Balkan Fever Festival and KelzMore Festival have found an ideal club and concert atmosphere in the Ost Klub.

Ost Klub

Schwindgasse 1 / Schwarzenbergplatz
1040   Wien