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A man and a woman look at Gustav Klimt’s painting "The Kiss".
At this very moment two people are losing themselves in a kiss that changed the art world. When will it change you? Klimt at Belvedere

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The date of this event is in the past. The contents of this page are therefore no longer current. As soon as the date and program of the next event are known, the content of this article will be updated.

View of the Gala inside Konzertaus

Hollywood in Vienna

The universe and intergalactic spheres are the topic of the film music gala "Hollywood in Vienna" on 3 and 4 October at the Wiener Konzerthaus. The journey "On to New Worlds" continues with "A Tribute to James Horner", star guest and creator of famous film melodies such as "Avatar" and "Titanic".

Konzerthaus inside with audition and musicians
Konzerthaus inside with audition and musicians, blue lights
Grand Ferry Wheel with palm trees
ORF Radio Symphonie Orchester Wien ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna

The ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna (RSO) and Oscar prize-winner James Horner, composer of many great Hollywood melodies, send the audience "On to New Worlds". On board Star Trek and Apollo 13, listeners go on a musical journey to the universe, where all sorts of aliens are to be encountered in the sounds of Gattaca, Artificial Intelligence and Independence Day.

A Tribute to James Horner

The Best of Horner Medley starts with the music to Avatar and und visualizes the fascination of the moon Pandora. A Beautiful Mind explores the depths of the human psyche; in Legends of the Fall, the listener can dream of rural idyll, and in Braveheart follow the fighter on his path to freedom. The journey comes to an end on board the sinking Titanic.

These highlights from the oeuvre of James Horner are performed by the RSO Wien under the direction of David Newman. James Horner himself will also stand at the conductor’s desk.

The singers are: operastar Ildiko Raimondi, popsinger Deborah Cox and singer/songwriter Jeremy Schonfeld.

At the festive close of the gala, James Horner will receive the Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award 2013.  This award is one in a series of other important prizes: including two Oscars, seven Oscar nominations and two Golden Globes.

Actor Gedeon Burkhard presents.

Hollywood in Vienna 2013

3 October 2013, 7.30 pm (pre-premiere)
4 October 2013, 7.30 pm (gala with prize-giving)

Vienna Konzerthaus (Wiener Konzerthaus)

Lothringerstraße 20
1030   Wien
+43 1 242 002

Hollywood in Vienna: Fanfare (by Bruce Brougthon, Max Steiner)

Hollywood in Vienna Fanfare, composed by Bruce Brougthon and Max Steiner, Wiener Konzerthaus 2012

Live at Hollywood in Vienna 2012, Paul Newman and the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra, Wiener Konzerthaus