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A man and a woman look at Gustav Klimt’s painting "The Kiss".
At this very moment two people are losing themselves in a kiss that changed the art world. When will it change you? Klimt at Belvedere

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View of City Hall from the Burgtheater

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Proud host of the Eurovision Song Contest Vienna 2015

„Building Bridges“! Vienna sets an example – at the Eurovision Song Contest (19 - 23 May 2015)

Vienna City Hall

Vienna's Ringstrasse is celebrating its birthday. Join in the celebrations - and discover the most beautiful boulevard in the world ...

Dinner in private

When private apartments or empty side-street establishments transform into restaurants, the guests feel almost like they're having dinner at home. A number of Viennese restaurants also offer private dining. A reservation is usually required for these exclusive locations.

Restaurant The Dining Room
Cook Angelika Apfelthaler Angelika Apfelthaler/The Dining Room
Restaurant Hofzeile27 Hofzeile27
Couple Hofzeile27
Private Dining in a stylish appartement Mezzanin 7
Private Dining in a stylish appartement Mezzanin 7
Restaurant Drahtwarenhandlung
Two cooks Drahtwarenhandlung

A pioneer in matters of private dinner evenings in Vienna is Angelika Apfelthaler with her "The Dining Room". She invites guests to come to her home in the 13th district where she serves them dinner in a Mediterranean ambience twice a week (Wednesday and Friday). Angelika Apfelthaler serves food inspired by the seasons and her travels, with a focus on the cuisine of Italy. As is typical of private invitations, only one menu is served. Up to 16 people can sit down to dinner on a single evening and prior reservations are essential. Price per person: €59, excl. drinks.

The concept at Hofzeile27 in the 19th district is similar. This is no regular restaurant; instead, the ambience is reminiscent of a stylish private apartment. The guests dine in a familial setting: the lady of the house Sibylle Fellner-Kisler cooks the food herself, while her husband is responsible for the wines and the drinks at the bar. Reservations are not needed for lunch, but are necessary for dinner in the evening. What's more, there is a bar in the vaulted cellar and brunch is also served on Sundays. A traditional cuisine is served with a creative touch; in summer there's also a guest garden. Price per person for dinner: €69-79, excl. drinks. Lunch is priced depending on the menu.

Mezzanin 7 is also a private apartment in an old building that opens its doors several times a week with the motto “Dinner with Friends”. Here the hosts invite their guests to a nostalgic private vintage dinner: The apartment is furnished with tasteful and rare finds from flea markets and decorated with historic photos and paintings. The kitchen also specializes in old recipes from the former Crown Lands. Brunch is served on Sundays. Price per person for dinner: 42-47 €, Sunday brunch: 32 € per person.

The Drahtwarenhandlung in the 7th district is an office by day, but transforms into a restaurant every Thursday and Friday evening. The three founders of the Drahtwarenhandlung take it in turns to do the cooking. The food here is therefore very diverse. The dishes of the multi-course menu can also be ordered separately. Reservations are also required.

The Dining Room

Maygasse 31
1130   Wien
  • Contacts

  • Opening hours

    • We, 19:00 - 23:00
    • Fr, 19:00 - 23:00
    • Reservation required!


Hofzeile 27
1190   Wien
  • Contacts

  • Opening hours

    • Lunch We - Fr, 11:30 - 14:30
    • Dinner - reservation necessary We - Fr, 19:00 - 23:30
    • Brunch - reservation necessary Su, 10:30 - 13:30

Mezzanin 7

Liechtensteinstraße 12/2/7
1090   Wien
  • Opening hours

    • Brunch - reservation necessary Su, 10:00 - 14:00
    • Dinner: 6.30 p.m.-11 p.m., see website for dates, reservation necessary


Neustiftgasse 57-59
1070   Wien