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People and disk jockey dancing beneath the red chandelier in the Club Rote Bar.
At this very moment in Vienna a DJ is rocking the chandeliers. Can you feel the bass? Nightlife

Live webcam pictures

View of City Hall from the Burgtheater

Take a look at Vienna

through the webcam on the Burgtheater.



Proud host of the Eurovision Song Contest Vienna 2015

„Building Bridges“! Vienna sets an example – at the Eurovision Song Contest (19 - 23 May 2015)

Vienna City Hall

Friedrich von Schmidt, who had been the architect of the Cathedral of Cologne, designed and built Vienna's City Hall, the most important secular building in the neo-Gothic style in the city, between 1872 and 1883.

Rathausplatz at night

The tower measures 321 feet, not including the "Iron Knight of City Hall" (Eiserner Rathausmann) who measures almost 20 feet to the top of his pennant. This knight on top of the tower has become one of the symbols of Vienna.

The Vienna City Hall is the seat of the mayor and governor of Vienna ( with Vienna being both a city and a state since 1922, these functions are combined in one person ), of the City Council and of the Assembly.

It also houses the Municipal and State Libraries and Archives which hold many key documents of Vienna's history and a large collection of local memorabilia.

On both sides of the approach from the Ring ( closed to motor vehicles ), statues honor personalities who left their mark on the history of the city.

The Park of City Hall (Rathauspark) is a very attractively laid-out garden with two fountains and several interesting monuments, among them the memorial to the painter F. G. Waldmüller and the statues of two great composers of waltzes, Johann Strauss Father and Joseph Lanner. Facing the Burgtheater across the Ring are monuments to President Theodor Körner (1873-1957) and Mayor Karl Seitz (1869-1950).

Off the spacious Arkadenhof (Arcade Courtyard) and also accessible from the back of the complex is the Stadtinformation (City Information Office), which is not a tourist information center but a referral office for citizens and a source of information and statistics, on the city, its administration, its operations and its public services. This is also the starting point for guided tours through Vienna's City Hall.

Vienna City Hall (Wiener Rathaus)

Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1
1010   Wien
  • Contacts

  • Prices

    • Free guided tours
  • Opening hours

    • Guided tour Mo, 13:00
    • Guided tour Tu, 13:00
    • Guided tour Fr, 13:00
    • except on session days, events and holidays; groups with appointments one month in advance
  • Accessibility

    • Main entrance
      • (Swing door 92 cm wide)
      • Ramp 545 cm long,47 cm high
    • Parking spaces Main entrance
      • disabled parking spaces available
        on Lichtenfelsgasse, Felderstrasse, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz
    • Elevator available
    • More information
      • Guide dogs permitted
      • Restrooms with access for disabled persons available.
    • Special offers for disabled persons

      Multimedia guides in Austrian and English sign language are available free of charge upon presentation of an official photographic form of ID (passport, identity card, driver’s license).

    • Comments

      Elevator near stair no. 7: door width: 92 cm, cabin depth: 240 cm, cabin width: 130 cm, passage to elevator: 110 cm.
      Elevator near stair no. 8: door width: 92 cm, passage to elevator: 88 cm, cabin width: 110 cm, cabin depth 210 cm.
      Wheelchair-accessible restroom / changing room (near stair no. 8).

U2, Tram 2: Rathaus, Tram D, 1: Rathausplatz / Burgtheater

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