Set table in the restaurant Aux Gazelles

Oriental delights at Aux Gazelles

Hammam and Salon de Beauté

If you're looking for a special pampering program, you've come to the right place at Aux Gazelles. On an area of 500 m2, Vienna's only hammam offers different variants of the Turkish bath. The classic steam bath with temperatures of between 35 and 45°C and cold-hot infusions can be supplemented with washings, peelings and unctions. The hammamcis - your personal attendants - ensure that after the pores are opened, the old skin is removed with a peeling glove and the entire body thoroughly washed. Hair wash included!

Women and men are separated in the hammam - except on Tuesdays. Pestemal (an oriental cotton towel), handtowels and hairdryers are provided. Before and after the approx. two-hour treatment, you can enjoy a Thé à la Menthe in the comfortable, oriental Salon de Thé. Since 2009, Aux Gazelles has also offered a Salon de Beauté. Cosmetic treatments, massages, manicures and pedicures are on the program here.

Recommendation: Be sure to make a reservation for the hammam and Salon de Beauté!

Culinary-musical delights

For a nice way to spend the evening, pamper yourself with the delicacies of Moroccan-French cuisine - either in the café, at the caviar and oyster bar or in the restaurant. Tip: Hookah enthusiasts can devote themselves entirely to their passion at Aux Gazelles! Hookahs are available. Night-owls get their money's worth in the club next door every Thursday to Saturday.

Aux Gazelles

Rahlgasse 5, 1060 Wien
  • Opening times

    • Café & Deli Mo - Sa, 17:00 - 02:00
    • Restaurant Mo - Sa, 18:00 - 23:00
    • Club Th - Sa, 22:00 - 04:00
    • Hammam and Salon de Beauté Mo - Fr, 14:00 - 22:00
    • Hammam and Salon de Beauté Sa, 11:00 - 22:00
    • Hammam and Salon de Beauté are closed in August. Generelly closed on Sundays.
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