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10 reasons why the Viennese should go on vacation in Vienna

1. Breakfast, Brunch or why not try a Brinner?

Finally sleeping in again and then having an extensive breakfast? During your holiday in Vienna, you can have an egg in a glass ("Ei im Glas"), fresh chive bread or a classic Viennese breakfast - the Viennese hotels outdo each other with their varied offers. Why not try a "brinner" - the trend from America (breakfast + dinner = brinner) already has many fans in Vienna and is becoming increasingly popular.

2. "Are we theeere yet?" – YES!

Getting there could hardly be any faster or more straightforward. The first vacation when it doesn't matter if you've left half your stuff at home.

3. Zero emissions, zero bad conscience

And while we're on the subject of getting there: you could hardly have a more climate-friendly start to your holiday than on Vienna's public transport system. Your ecological footprint is guaranteed to be greener than green. Zero emissions, zero bad conscience.

4. Switch your Grätzel

The Viennese love their Grätzel, or neighborhood. But what about a change of wallpaper in one's own city? Out of the city center district and off to "rural living" on the edge of town. Or the other way around. So you can learn about Vienna from a completely different perspective, can't you?

5. "Drah di, Deppater!"

The time has finally come! The first vacation where simply everyone understands us. There are no problems of comprehension at home. But is that always such a good thing? Oh well, that's up to everyone to decide for themselves.

6. Endless toilet paper

No topic was discussed more emotionally during the coronavirus crisis than that of having too little toilet paper at home. That's why our hotly sought-after "household paper" was in short supply here and there. We've made inquiries: supplies in the hotels are assured. That's a promise.

7. The Vienna bucket list

Each of us has one – a personal Vienna bucket list. A list of things you've always wanted to do but never had time for. This summer, how about a dish of pork knuckle in the Schweizerhaus, a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, or a Third Man Tour in the sewers? We're looking forward to being tourists in our own city.

8. The Sea of the Viennese

Vienna is not only green, Vienna is above all blue. But not like you think. There is simply an unbelievable number of outdoor bathing treasures here. The most popular destination is and remains, however, the Old Danube – the "Sea of the Viennese" refreshes us anew every summer.

9. Really convenient: Room service, please!

Room service is sometimes the best thing about being on vacation. Logically, the best way to relax is guaranteed when you don't have to worry about anything.

10. “Home sweet home.”

So, last but not least, we serve up a beautiful truth. Because quite honestly: being at home is and always will be the best. Especially when you can call Vienna home.

We wish all Viennese a wonderful vacation at home in Vienna.

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