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Celebrate Life. Experience Vienna.

Vienna is back in all its finery. The Austrian capital is emerging from the crisis even more full of life, even more modern and even more spectacular than ever. With no end of reasons – new and old – to celebrate life here again. Vienna has been working tirelessly on its future. As expected of a world capital of its caliber. Behind the city’s imperial backdrop, new attractions are coming to light all the time. For centuries, art and culture, science, diversity, cultural exchange, architecture and enjoyment have shaped the soul of this unique city. Vienna has experienced a great deal. But there is one thing it hadn’t until now: standstill. Also the year 2022 will bring perpetual motion, offering visitors as well as locals the very best of all worlds – with art, culture, city life and enjoyment leading the way.

Celebrate the Arts

One of the central factors behind Vienna’s success is its outstanding quality of life. It draws in artists and creative spirits. The city’s burgeoning art and cultural scene is an integral part of its DNA. Three quarters of visitors to Vienna come because of its world-beating cultural life. The Austrian writer Karl Kraus (1874-1936) summed it up best when he said: “The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt.” And so it is: between the University of Vienna and Karlsplatz alone – an area of not even 1.2 km² – visitors have close to 30 museums to choose from. It’s hard to imagine any more art – from the age of antiquity to the present day – packed into such a small space. Vienna is a buzzing hive of art. The sheer volume of cultural attractions found here would easily serve a city four times its size.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, exhibition hall
© WienTourismus/Paul Bauer

The capital’s cultural scene is growing all the time. 2022 will bring a number of new museums like the Heidi Horten Collection and the return of the Lower Belvedere. And Vienna is on its way to becoming a hotspot for artists with African roots who draw their inspiration from Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Synonymous with the high-quality offering found throughout Vienna, the city’s rich cultural life is a product and expression of a cosmopolitan and open-minded capital that works to the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Celebrate the City

Openness and exchanging ideas are an integral part of the city, where diversity is anything but an empty marketing buzzword. It is this outlook that helped Vienna to play a pioneering role nationwide in promoting LGBT equal rights. What’s more, an impressive 178 nationalities are represented by the city’s residents. This blend of different influences is best experienced in Vienna’s countless different neighborhoods where real life in the city can be celebrated to the full.

Vienna is built on variety: here, imperial landmarks rub shoulders with examples of contemporary architecture. In the historic city center it’s easy to get from A to B on foot. The days of public squares being used as car parks are ancient history – today they provide havens of relaxation where pedestrians can watch the world go by. Almost half the city is accounted for by green spaces and waterways, with just under 1,000 parks and gardens defining its look and feel. Vienna offers the experiences of a safe world capital, without the stress factors associated with a major world capital. And all of this makes it an attractive destination for meetings, too: more than 200 impressive venues and hotels – from historic to modern – provide the perfect backdrop for congresses, corporate events and incentives.

View of the Volksgarten and the Naturhistorisches Museum
© WienTourismus / Christian Stemper

When it comes to planning smart new urban development zones, it’s not just about innovative and sustainable living, but creating spaces for research companies, eco-friendly designer hotels (such as Dormero HoHo, a 75% timber high-rise), co-working spaces, parkland and cultural facilities to thrive in. If this wasn’t enough, Vienna is committed to going carbon neutral by 2040.

All of these factors come together to make Vienna a happy city. A place where nothing is far from anything else, where people feel safe and can make meaningful connections with one another. Where the next green space is only a few meters away – and even if it sometimes doesn’t seem that way, the Viennese really are very happy with their lot in life.

The Uniqa Tower beside the Danube Canal
© WienTourismus/Christian Stemper

Celebrate the Extraordinary

And it’s not just down to fantastic food and excellent wine: no other European capital has its own cuisine named after it (Viennese Cuisine), a winegrowing industry that comes anywhere close – or can serve up anything like Vienna’s inimitable coffeehouse culture. Thanks to the city’s unrivalled reputation for cakes and pastries, all of its cafés offer up a rich slice of Viennese indulgence – with a sugar rush thrown in for good measure.

What might come as something of a surprise: lots of the ingredients that go into the dishes served at the city’s restaurants are actually grown right here. Using cutting-edge methods, without any of the long transport chains. It doesn’t get much more sustainable than that. Did you know that Vienna is cucumber central? 62% of the nation’s cucumbers are grown in the capital. And Vienna has another luxury up its sleeve: simply turn on a tap to savor crisp, fresh water direct from the mountains. And that is by no means a given for a major city, which is why people look to us with envy from all over the world.

But that’s not it for astounding achievements in Vienna: a proud centuries-old tradition of handcraftsmanship and design is constantly evolving. Because manufacturers such as Augarten Porzellan – which dates back to the days of the empire – have always kept their finger on the pulse, we can continue to celebrate their exceptional quality and contemporary designs to this day. Young designers like Laura Karasinski are imbuing the capital’s creative scene with fresh ideas, and are very much in demand for interior projects such as the new Superbude hotel next to Vienna’s Prater amusement park.

© MQ Libelle © WienTourismus/David Payr

Let’s Celebrate

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the year 2022 in – and with – Vienna. You will not only leave happier than when you arrived: the impressions you take away with you will live on for a very long time to come. And you’ll have to keep on coming back, too – after all, Vienna won’t be standing still in future, either. It is firmly on the path to becoming a sustainable smart city. Quality of life will continue to rise. The Vienna of the future arrived a long time ago. And that is more than enough reason to celebrate in 2022.

Text: Robert Seydel

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