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Chocolate Museum Vienna, couple walking on the artificial djungel path
© Chocolate Museum Vienna

Chocolate Museum Vienna

Chocolate lovers experience the adventure of chocolate at the Chocolate Museum Vienna, in the heart of the Prater. The journey of adventure on the trail of the cocoa bean has various stops:

  • Chocolate journey through time: The history of the use of the cocoa fruit, from the Mayans via the Spanish Conquistadors to the drink of early European high society.
  • Interactive games: In addition to lots of information about cocoa, visitors can find out which type of chocolate they are. Or they can make their own film with themselves as chocolate star, which they can share right away with friends online.
  • Art meets chocolate: In a room stand 2.5 meter-tall figures from history, art and entertainment and everything smells of delicious chocolate.
  • Jungle path: Waiting here are not only crocodiles and monkeys but also interesting facts about the cocoa harvest.
  • For the sweet-toothed: At the end of the "chocolate journey", there are original souvenirs to buy in the chocolate shop. The final highlight is the big chocolate fountain.

Workshops for chocoholics

In workshops, the participants dive even deeper into the world of chocolate: with a welcome drink, chocolate presentation by the chocolatier, tasting as well as making and decorating chocolates and truffles. For children (with parents) there are special half-hour workshops, also with lots of creativity and chocolate enjoyment. (Registration required by phone or email for all workshops).

Chocolate Museum Vienna

Riesenradplatz 5
1020 Vienna