View from the city hall to the Burgtheater

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Video: Vienna for children

The Butterfly House in the Burggarten gives children a taste of the tropics in the heart of the city. Inside this beautiful Jugendstil greenhouse hundreds of species of rare butterflies can be seen flying around freely, at a constant temperature of 26° Celsius and a humidity around 80%.

The ZOOM Children's Museum is all about questioning, touching, exploring, feeling and playing to one's heart's content - on an area of 1,600 square meters. Hands-on exhibitions, an animation studio, workshops and an adventure area for toddlers wait for kids of all ages.

Children can conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, have a go at banging the kettle drums, compose their own tunes on a computer, burn a CD or even discover what a baby can hear from the safety of its mother's tummy - all at the House of Music.

In the Tropenhaus and Krokipark of the House of the Sea visitors will come face to face with free roaming birds and monkeys, while the giant terrariums are home to venomous snakes and giant constrictors, leafcutter ants and tarantulas. At the aquarium, children can almost literally immerse themselves in the underwater experience by poking their heads into the integrated "diving bells" and watching the tropical fish swimming around directly in front of their eyes.