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How does Vienna taste, smell, and sound?

Good taste has been at home in Viennese cuisine for centuries. But those who think only of Wiener schnitzel underestimate the variety that gourmets can expect to find in Vienna. Tafelspitz (traditional fillet of boiled beef), Blunzen (blood sausage) and sausage in general are the hearty classics of Viennese cuisine. The tastes that tingle the pallet are hearty, spicy and piquant, and sometimes also sour. A cozy Viennese beisl can usually be identified by the typical aroma upon entering: there is the smell of cooking, i.e. frying, in the air, which gets the mouth watering.

In Vienna, baking in its sweetest form means pastry and is inseparable from the Viennese coffee house culture. In coffee houses, the smell is very light and delicate, similar to the dollop of milk foam on the melange. Vienna has many unusual fragrances – simply follow your nose. 

Have you heard?

Music is symbolic for Vienna: the sense of hearing is what actually makes it possible to enjoy the musical sounds of the Viennese stages. Viennese sounds also always resonate with incidental things. While walking you can listen to songs about Vienna on Spotify or hike through the city with an audio guide on our ivie app.

Or walk your ears toward the city center: the noise of horse-drawn carriages and cars on the cobbles, the ringing of the Pummerin in St. Stephen's Cathedral or the conversation at the adjacent tables in the sidewalk café. Walk along Hoher Markt at the top of the hour and enjoy the sound of the Anker Clock:

Anker Clock sound by clicking:

Anker Clock at Hoher Markt
© WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud

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