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The former Café Extrablatt stood empty for 30 years, until a high-end cocktail bar moved in. The Treehaus is another highlight of the lively Viennese bar scene. It gets its name from a giant, eye-catching walnut tree that grows right out of the counter in the middle of the bar and has been beautified with artificial leaves and flowers. The cocktail bar is light and expansive, with special attention being paid to design. The dark parquet floor contrasts beautifully with the pale marble. Velvet upholstery and brass create a feel-good atmosphere.

Apart from classic cocktails, the bar menu at the Treehaus also has many in-house creations. The syrups, bitters, and liqueurs are home-made. The spacious ambience means that food is also be served in the Treehaus. The bar food ranges from steak tartare to ceviche to pasta dishes.

Interior of a cocktail bar
© Treehaus

The Treehaus has a few unusual features: it is a cocktail bar for grown-ups – women are admitted from 20 years of age and men from 23 years of age. At midnight, the owners invite guests to enjoy free goulash. DJs play at the Treehaus on occasion, and from the spring onwards the guests can also drink their cocktails in the outdoor dining area with a view of Palais Coburg.

Seating furniture in a cocktail bar
© WienTourismus/Susanne Kapeller


Johannesgasse 14
1010 Vienna
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