Fire show at Karlsplatz
© Greg LeBoeuf (FABFotos)

Buskers Festival

Karlsplatz belongs to the street artists for a whole weekend from 6 to 8 September. Around 100 performances can be watched at the Buskers Festival. Numerous groups of artists from around the world present their wide-ranging repertoire at the free open-air spectacle. Musicians and drummers perform here, as do fire artists, acrobats, mime artists, jugglers and magicians.

A food area and a small market with colorful sales booths are a great place to go for a stroll and pass the time. During the day, interested visitors can participate in various workshops (juggling, graffiti, upcyling, etc.). There's also a special program for children.

Buskers Festival

6-8 September 2019
Daily 2.00 am – 10.00 pm


Karlsplatz, 1040 Wien
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      Guiding system for the visually impaired with special "leading stones" (grooves and knobs), which can be felt with canes or feet - for the passage between the individual artistic institutions on Karlsplatz (e.g. Künstlerhaus, Musikverein) and for crossing the Friedrichstrasse-Lothringerstrasse intersection (which has heavy traffic), the traffic lights have audible signals.


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Street artists

Buskers Festival on Karlsplatz

© Fabfotos
Street artists

Buskers Festival on Karlsplatz

© Raimund Appel
Street musician

Buskers Festival on Karlsplatz

© Buskers Festival
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