Counter in the Kellerbar crypt

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You would hardly believe it possible that the narrow stairway would open out into a 250 square meter architectural jewel. Seldom is a bar in Vienna so generously laid out. A historic vaulted cellar with an alleged past as a semi-legal jazz club in the 1950s/1960s has been remodeled into a stylish, modern bar.

An attention-grabber is the seven meter-long counter made of marble and walnut; small booths and hidden lounges offer lots of privacy. The extravagant interior design by the Viennese office KLK was awarded the 2017 American Architecture Prize.

The cocktails are as ingenious as the architecture. Vegetables are frequently served in a cocktail glass in the The carrot daiquiri was sensational, as was the drink with chocolate and mint.

Wasagasse 17
1090 Wien

© Studio Mato
Counter in the Kellerbar crypt
© krypt. / Studio Mato

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