The new restaurant has been styled right down to the smallest detail. The cuisine is also far from average. The focus is on regional, Austrian food. Traditional dishes are served, but prepared extremely creatively. Even the roasted dumplings with egg taste a bit different here. All products come from the area around Vienna. The figs come from the Feigenhof on Himmelreich, the artichokes from the Marchfeld, the ham from the Viennese butcher's Thum. And the stunning bread is baked in-house.

The ambience of the Labstelle knows how to impress: the guest garden is located along a passageway between Lugeck and Wollzeile. Hanging gardens have been installed here as eye-catchers. Even proper design classics can be found in the restaurant in the form of the Y-Chairs by Hans J. Wegner. Together with polished concrete, black steel and leached wood, the result is an architectural and extremely harmonious whole.

Labstelle, Sous-Chef Marcel König
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