Salonplafond in the MAK

Visually, the restaurant goes perfectly with the MAK. Chairs by Oswald Haerdtl and Ernst Schwadron, lamps by Kalmar, upholstery by Josef Frank and flatware from Copenhagen get designer’s pulses racing. Despite its size, the restaurant appears very cozy, which was certainly no easy undertaking in the design process.

But now to the food, because that’s also something to be proud of. By day, the Salonplafond offers straightforward dishes for museum visitors and office workers. In the evenings, the kitchen moves into top gear. On offer is a modern, pure Austrian cuisine - with often unusual combinations. Diners are amazed when the radish that accompanies the pork is served in iced form, or trout is served with rhubarb. But it goes.

The main attraction on the menu are the sous-vide dishes, which are packed in a vacuum and cooked at a low temperature for many hours. Towards the rear of the restaurant, there is also a bar serving cocktails that come highly recommended. Austrian products are also the order of the day here: Viennese gin and Burschik vermouth are frequently used in the cocktails. During the summer, all of this is enjoyed in a dining garden set in one of Vienna’s most attractive inner courtyards.

Outdoor dining
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