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The lampions at this restaurant conjure up something of the atmosphere of a Chinese night market. And this is not really surprising as ShanghaiTan – named for and inspired by the exquisite establishment in the Oriental Riverside Hotel, Shanghai – is valued for its long opening hours. Sumptuous saté skewers, dim sum, Asian salad and, of course, noodles and soups can be enjoyed until midnight.

In the basement there are delightful private booths whose sweet joss stick aromas recall the mystical Shanghai of yesteryear. The founding fathers’ success story began in 2002 with neighboring Ra'mien. Its mix of vogue setting and Asian cuisine in Gumpendorfer Strasse has since proven highly popular, and was certainly a reason for helmsman Yang Tie opening ShanghaiTan right next door.


Gumpendorfer Straße 9
1060 Vienna

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