Club with ski lodge flair in Vienna

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Club Heidi on Vienna's Ringstrasse is a little reminiscent of a chic après-ski club. And that's probably deliberate. Alpine style elements exude chalet flair. Wood paneling and deer antlers are usually a rare sight in Viennese clubs, but overall create a smart ambience. After all, the club also sees itself as being a champagne disco. St. Moritz and Kitzbühel send their regards!

Musically, Heidi is clearly different than most of the clubs in Vienna. Songs are played that everyone secretly wants to hear when they go out, but nobody dares to ask for. If you can sing along, you obviously have an advantage. Good spirits are what matters! The club clearly wants to appeal to all age groups with its choice of music. By the way, admission is for ages 21 and up.


Opernring 11
1010 Wien

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