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Disco Platzhirsch


For a few years now, a club called Platzhirsch has occupied the premises of the former Maxim strip club. The people here are just as stylish as the location. They love Platzhirsch not only for its music, but also because it’s just a fun place where you can meet other people.

The club is at the heart of Vienna, not far from the opera, and in the direct vicinity of other party locations. Now one can even go on a real clubbing tour on the Vienna Ring every weekend. From the Volksgarten Club Disco, the Babenberger Passage or Sass Music Club, the path inevitably leads to Platzhirsch.

The latest hits in RnB, pop, house and disco are played over the new sound system from Thursday until Saturday. Each weekend this musical blend attracts a young audience that likes to party and dance.


Opernring 11
1010 Vienna

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