Chaya Fuera

Chaya Fuera

It is the musical variety that makes up the special charm of the new club in the 7th district. The parties on the weekend range from the classic Ibiza feeling with Vocal House to 60ies Soul and Funk through to Electric Groove. During the week, live music is on the program at the Chaya Fuera. An especially sophisticated sound system guarantees that the concerts pass off with the best sound quality.

Chaya Fuera translates loosely as "The life outside". The club's concept also follows this line, and is open to all styles, from Brazil to live jam sessions. The operators want to give their guests a musical surprise. 

In the club itself, over 20 projectors screen visuals by international artists on the walls. This gives the plain yet cozy club a new look every evening. Cocktails specially created for Chaya Fuera can be enjoyed at the artistically curved bar. The crowd is as colorful and mixed as the music.

Chaya Fuera

Kandlgasse 19-21, 1070 Wien
  • Opening times

    • Club Fr - Sa, 23:00
    • For the dates of concerts please have a look on the website.
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Chaya Fuera
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