Elektro Gönner from outside
© Klaus Vyhnalek

Elektro Gönner

Sometimes the most obvious names are the best. Elektro Gönner is called that because it has always been called that and the new owner simply took over the place – including the name. Somehow, the ambiance is such that it feels as if the venue has been there in its present form for years.

Someone had the grand idea to use the large backyard on Mariahilfer Strasse in a modern way. Ultimately, it was converted by a group of architects. Minimalist furnishings, a daily lineup of DJs and weekly specials such as a film club or other interactive installations have attracted a large number of regular guests. There seems to be a strong affinity to art among them...

Elektro Gönner

Mariahilfer Straße 101/1, 1060 Wien
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Elektro Gönner, exterior shot
© WienTourismus/David Auner
Elektro Gönner, interior shot
© WienTourismus/David Auner
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