Club Roxy
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Almost invisible from outside, one of the oldest clubs in the city is hidden behind an inconspicuous door. The Roxy has been around since the 1960s, when it began life under a different name (The Empire). Right behind the door and doorman, steps lead down into the nostalgic basement. Red leather, red light and wood dominate the interior.

The Roxy has an eventful history behind it. Musical trends change just like the guests do. Today, the Roxy is a meeting place for fans of the funky groove: Soul, Funk and R'n'B are as at home here as HipHop, which seldom makes its way into the charts, but creates an excellent atmosphere and is also appreciated by the scene.

Club Roxy

Faulmanngasse 2, 1040 Wien
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Roxy, interior shot with bar and guests
© WienTourismus/David Auner
Club Roxy
© Club Roxy
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