The Loft
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The Loft

A former wooden floor factory was reopened at the end of 2009 after two years of planning and conversions. It now bears the name The Loft. Situated directly on Vienna's Gürtel, near U6 station Thaliastraße, the location offers everything that makes it fun to go out. On the ground floor is a small café, in which exhibitions and mini-concerts are held. Following this, visitors must decide between heaven and hell: on the first floor is a large bar with cozy seating areas, perfect for having a chat and listening to music at a comfortable volume.

In the basement is a fantastic KV2 system, which plays every piece of music and always gets the dance floor bubbling. That's why The Loft is popular amongst organisers of electronic dance music, from House to Techno. The casual furnishing, the relaxed attitude of the staff and the deliberate simplicity make The Loft a friendly meeting point for everyone and is moderately priced.

The Loft

Lerchenfelder Gürtel 37, 1160 Wien
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