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© Lisa Edi (SAGAN Vienna in Kollaboration mit THONET)

Interwoven stories

The woven pattern of Thonet’s chairs is famous all over the world and synonymous with Viennese coffeehouse culture. And now fashion label Sagan Vienna has taken the handmade wickerwork weave known as Wiener Geflecht and put it at the heart of its bag collection. Playing with traditions, Tanja Bradaric and Taro Ohmae (the designers behind Sagan Vienna) have combined the characteristic Wiener Geflecht pattern with contemporary, minimalist bag designs. The bags have drawn the attention of magazines like Elle and Vogue due to their distinctive signature braid pattern that is easily recognizable. The bags are available in the shop of Österreichische Werkstätten and in the Imperial Shop Vienna.

Handbags by Petar Petrov, another Vienna-based fashion designer, pay tribute to another traditional Viennese manufacturer. Petrov selected the iconic brass hand created by Carl Auböck’s studio for the clasp of his bag. Although designed in the 1940s, the hand still appears exceptionally modern, something that applies to all of the designs from Carl Auböck’s studios – which are hot property among collectors the world over. Featuring simple and clear shapes, the products range from figurines and bookends to bowls, brushes and lamps. Brass, leather, wood and horn are the materials of choice. Carl Auböck IV confirmed how excited he was to be working with Petar Petrov: “He is very experimental and a real perfectionist.” Bags by Petar Petrov are available in Vienna from Park and Liska. 

Text: Susanne Kapeller

Österreichische Werkstätten

Kärntner Straße 6 , 1010 Wien
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Imperial Shop Vienna

Heldenplatz/Hofburg, 1010 Wien
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Mondscheingasse 20, 1070 Wien
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