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Mouth protection by Superated
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Viennese masks with style

Viennese designers are currently working on unusual models: apart from dresses, pants, and skirts, they are now tailoring face masks – a reaction to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Because as you know, these days you can only go into stores, markets and use public transport if you're wearing nose and mouth protection. That can be a disposable mask, a scarf or a cloth, as well as a smart piece of fabric, as several Viennese designers have now started making.

These items of nose and mouth protection made from fabric are not medical respiratory protection masks that protect the wear against infection. Instead, they are intended to help reduce the risk of transferring pathogens to other people as a sign of solidarity: my protection protects you, your protection protects me. Nose and mouth protection made from fabric also helps reduce waste because it can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius and reused.

The Samstag Shop now sells self-made nose and mouth protection made from cotton with cool prints alongside internationally successful young Austrian designers such as Superated or House of the very Island's. Ferrari Zöchling, the label founded in 2013 by the young fashion designer Romana Zöchling, has "protect others wear masks" made from a double layer of cotton in its range. The Viennese hat-maker Mühlbauer is also devoting itself to the covering of nose and mouth in times of coronavirus by making smart masks from soft cotton in several colors. The Viennese fashion designer Michel Mayer, a specialist in refined cuts, has created nose and mouth protection with a mesh look. Among those involved in producing nose and mouth protection are the label Wendy Jim, which has been an international figurehead of the Viennese fashion scene since the 1990s, Callisti, Said the Fox, Juergen Christian Hoerl, Urban Tool and many more.

The Viennese fashion designer Brigitte Huber makes nose and mouth protection for a very special purpose. She is the great-granddaughter of Gustav Klimt and wants to financially support the Klimt Villa, which housed the last studio of the famous Art Nouveau painter. According to its own information, the Klimt Villa in the 13th district does not receive any financial assistance from the public purse and is particularly badly affected by the official lockdown announced in the middle of March 2020, which is intended to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The "Klimt masks" are made of a cotton-linen material in the blue of the painter's smock worn by Gustav Klimt, and hand-embroidered with a delicate Art Nouveau decoration. They can be ordered on the website of the Klimt Villa.

Samstag Shop

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Ferrari Zöchling

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Mühlbauer Headwear

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Mühlbauer Headwear

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JCH Juergen Christian Hoerl

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1010 Wien

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