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Ten Questions for Petar Petrov

How did you get involved in fashion?

I’ve always been interested in fashion. My mother is a dressmaker and she kindled my passion for the art form.

What did you want to be originally?

I always wanted to work in the creative industries. In all honesty, I never wanted to do anything else. But becoming a fashion designer was not the culmination of a specific plan that I had been following. It simply turned out that way, and I am happy that it is my career.

What is it about Vienna that inspires your work?

Vienna is beautiful and classical, but it also has a hidden wild side. It is people as well as – in an indirect way – my surroundings that inspire me.

Do Viennese elements crop up in your designs?

Not consciously. It is more about a feeling, a mood. Vienna is a very relaxed place to live, and to work, too. My work is highly emotional and reflects my surroundings and my lifestyle.

Petar Petrov Portrait
© Jork Weismann

Where is Vienna modern, in your eyes?

Vienna is not modern, but that is what I love about Vienna.

Who are your style icons?

I am inspired by women with character, women who live their lives to the full. They do not have to be well known, but need to have good taste and style. Many of my female Viennese friends are interesting, inspirational women who keep showing that while fashion is something that they are not prepared to go without, there are other things in life that are important as far as happiness is concerned.

Which famous Viennese personality would you like to dress?

I have to disappoint you here, but I have no interest in famous people. We are already dressing the most compelling women, it’s just that they prefer not to be in the public eye.

A personal insider tip for Vienna?

It depends what interests the individual. Vienna is full of insider tips.

Where can you relax best in Vienna?

I like being at home, as well as at friends’ places.

What is the taste of Vienna for you?

Apple cake.

Interview: Susanne Kapeller

Petar Petrov

Available in Vienna from:


Mondscheingasse 20
1070 Vienna

Amicis Women

Tuchlauben 11
1010 Vienna

Available internationally from stockists including:
Bergdorf Goodman, Galeries Lafayette, Harrods

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