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Scents from Vienna

During the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, there were many perfume makers in Vienna. Perfumeries with long traditions, such as Nägele & Strubell and J.B. Filz, both located on am Graben, created their own scents and were even named Imperial court suppliers. The beautiful store run by J.B. Filz, still caries two perfumes from that era - the "Eau de Lavende" - lavender water - was made famous by Heimito Doderer's novel The Strudlhof Steps. The recipe dates back to 1892, and was relaunched in 2009 on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the J.B. Filz Company. "Eau de Lavande" is a perfume for both women and men; it is a mixture of three different types of lavender with a whiff of rose in a lovely, old-fashioned bottle. Even older is the "Wiener Lieblingsduft". This perfume was popular in the middle of the nineteenth century well beyond the boundaries of the Austrian Empire, and in a new composition continues to be an aromatic sample of Viennese tradition.

Likewise, a perfume from the Kniže firm has a long history. The designer for men was also a famous Imperial court supplier, located right next to the J.B. Filz perfumery in a store designed by Adolf Loos. In the 1920s Kniže became a famous men's high-fashion brand for the Modern. Kniže Ten, the first men's perfume line in the world, stems from that time. The name of the perfume stands for 10 points, the highest score in polo, and thus is supposed to symbolize ultimate elegance. Kniže Ten is one of the very rare leather scents in the world, and remains even today a timeless classic.

The company Wiener Blut specializes in new interpretations of fragrances from the Imperial period. For example, the perfume “Palais Nizam” is reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand in India. The new unisex range of fragrances from Wiener Blut comprising six perfumes was presented in 2015 and is available in Vienna exclusively at the Song boutique. The newest prank is "Freudian Wood", which plays with the importance of wood in Sigmund Freud's interpretation of dreams. The earlier perfume line of the company, which has been around since 2009, has four fragrances and is available at J. & L. Lobmeyr and Kussmund Wien - Cosmetics & beauty supplier.

The Austrian designer duo Wendy Jim has brought out a fragrance without historic ties. The perfume "Drop N°01" is reminiscent of an orgiastic night. It is made 99 percent from natural ingredients and was developed by parfumier Wolfgang Lederhaas in collaboration with Vienna's Saint Charles Pharmacy. The refillable flacon that holds the fragrance comes from Augarten Porzellan and has the shape of a fox's skull. The perfume is available at all Augarten stores and in the Saint Charles Cosmothecary, either on its own or with the "Vulpini" flacon. The flacon can also be purchased empty.

Designer Lena Hoschek has also released her own perfume: the sensual and lascivious aroma "Loverose" was developed in collaboration with the perfume experts from Wiener Blut! The flacon is in the vintage style to suit the fashion created by Lena Hoschek. "Loverose" is available in all outlets of Nägele & Strubell, at Lobmeyr and Liebenswert.

Perfume bottle from J.B. Filz Perfumery

Wiener Lieblingsduft by J. B. Filz

© J.B. Filz
Perfume by Wiener Blut

Wiener Blut (2015)

© Guenter Parth
Perfumes by Wiener Blut

Wiener Blut

© Wiener Blut
 Perfume flacon from Augarten Porzellan

Drop N°01 by Wendy Jim

© Augarten Porzellan
Perfume by Lena Hoschek

Loverose by Lena Hoschek

© Lupi Spuma

J.B. Filz Perfumery

Graben 13, 1010 Wien
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Graben 13 , 1010 Wien
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Praterstraße 11-13 , 1020 Wien
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J. & L. Lobmeyr

Kärntner Straße 26 , 1010 Wien
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Augarten flagship store

Spiegelgasse 3, 1010 Wien
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Augarten Porcelain Manufactory

Obere Augartenstraße 1, 1020 Wien
  • Vienna City Card

  • Opening times

    • 07 Jan 2020 to 31 Mar 2020
      Closed due to renovation
    • Guided tours: Mo-Fr 10.15 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. (except on public holidays)
  • Accessibility

    • Main entrance
      • no steps (Double swinging doors )
    • Elevator available
      • 150 cm wide and 180 cm low , Door 120 cm wide
    • Further information
      • Seeing eye dogs allowed
      • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
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Saint Charles Cosmothecary

Gumpendorfer Straße 33, 1060 Wien
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Lena Hoschek Flagshipstore

Goldschmiedgasse 7a (Trattnerhof), 1010 Wien
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Nägele & Strubell

Graben 27, 1010 Wien
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Esterhazygasse 26, 1060 Wien
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