Souvenir shop

Vienna souvenirs without the kitsch

The Viennastore in the 1st district focuses on high-quality design and sells souvenirs with no reference at all to snow globes, Sisi and Mozart. Most products come from Vienna, although selected design classics from elsewhere in Austria and the rest of the world can also be purchased. On the shelves are glasses by Lobmeyr as well as the striped mokka cups of the melon service by Augarten Porzellan (to a design by Josef Hoffmann). The pretty wine glasses of the label The Golden Heart of Vienna are represented, as are Riess enamel goods (e.g. a ring cake form). Piatnik playing cards, a Viennese memory game, cookie cutters with a giant Ferris wheel motif and Vienna clocks in a can are also on the program. There are also novelty hand-made products such as the three breading plates for Wiener Schnitzel (with labeling for flour, eggs and crumbs) and postcards with vintage Vienna motifs. As the shopkeepers also own a publishing company, the store in Vienna also has any number of books on Vienna published by Metroverlag.

Vienna around 1900

Also on Herrengasse is the Vienna1900Store, which focuses on design from the turn of the previous century. In the Vienna1900Store, there are many items relating to Klimt, Schiele and Freud, coffee house and Jugendstil. There are postcards with motifs from the Wiener Werkstätte, ceramic mugs with golden "Vienna 1900" labeling and the hip Vienna gin (Wien Gin).

The Viennastore

Herrengasse 5/Palais Wilcek, 1010 Wien
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Herrengasse 1/Palais Herberstein, 1010 Wien
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