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Jewelry by AND_i

Goldsmith and sculptor Andreas Eberharter, who lives in Vienna, has already supplied his extravagant pieces of jewelry to stars such as Beyoncé and Lindsey Lohan. His creations under the label AND_i are partly reminiscent of sculptures. The Eye Patches caused an international furor in 2009 in a fashion show by Thierry Mugler. Metal eye patches by AND_i are also used in the video "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga and have since become highly desirable cult objects.

Eberharter uses silver and leather for his designs, as well as unusual materials such as aluminum. However, creations by AND_i are not only reserved for the stars: pieces from the "ready-to-wear" collection can be bought from just €40 and are entirely suitable for everyday use for confident personalities. Andreas Eberharter values a clear and unique style - both for the extravagant items of jewelry for shows and PR campaigns and for the wearable, smaller pieces intended for a wider clientele.

Studio AND_i Jewelry & accessories by Andreas Eberharter

Hohlweggasse 11/2
1030 Vienna

Also available at:

MAK Design Shop

Stubenring 5
1010 Vienna

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