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Away from the major shopping streets, the area around the Naschmarkt is developing gradually into a hot spot for fashion. Vienna’s creative scene has made a home for itself in the 4th district. The best example of this is the fashion label Elfenkleid with its showroom on Margaretenstrasse. Elegant lines and gentle colors are characteristic of the collections of this Austrian designer duo. Elfenkleid’s beautiful evening and bridal wear are particularly in style now.

The eye-catching concept store Unikatessen also has fashion by young Viennese labels as well as jewelry and items of furniture, together with vintage fashion which the owner tracks down personally. - All off the beaten path of the conventional brands.

Off the peg avant-garde fashion for women and men is offered by Wolfensson in an absolutely fantastic store. The focus here is on internal fashion brands of top hand-made quality, some of which are made in small manufactories.

Fans of Scandinavian labels will get their money's worth at Kleiderzimmer. The cozy store offers relaxed fashion, while the proprietor places great importance on sustainability.


Margaretenstraße 39
1040 Vienna


Margaretenstraße 45/11-12
1040 Vienna


Margaretenstraße 52
1040 Vienna


Margaretenstraße 39
1040 Wien

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