Woman wearing a T-shirt with the Ampelpärchen motif

Vienna traffic light couple to buy

The traffic light couples (in German: Ampelpärchen) have been a part of Vienna's street scene since the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. They stand for tolerance and a cosmopolitan attitude. Numerous traffic lights in Vienna show couples in love - not only male/female motifs but also with female couples and male couples. The traffic light motifs have since become world famous and a popular photographic subject. The project has already been copied in many other cities across Europe.

"Ampelpärchen.rocks" collection

The Viennese traffic light couples are now also available to take away. The motifs decorate T-shirts, tank-tops and hoodies for women, men and children. Typical merchandising items such as caps, lanyards and coffee mugs can also be purchased. Wherever possible, the products are made in Europe under fair conditions.


Schmalzhofgasse 8, 1060 Wien
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