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Ring in the shape of the Vienna Ringstrasse
© Goldschmiede NIKL

The Vienna Ring

The Vienna Ringstrasse is one of the best-known boulevards in Europe. Numerous buildings along the Ringstrasse, such as the Vienna State Opera, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and Parliament are amongst Vienna's main attractions. The impressive route of the Ringstrasse, also simply called the Ring by the Viennese, is the model for a special piece of jewelry: The "Vienna Ring" has the shape of the Ringstrasse and is open in one place, as the Ringstrasse is not a completely closed section of road either (it is interrupted by Franz-Josef-Kai and Schwedenplatz, without which it is about 4 kilometers in length).

The idea for this ring comes from designer Siegfried Baumgartner. In cooperation with Stefan Nikl, the rings are made in the Viennese goldsmiths NIKL in different versions and different gold alloys as unisex models for women and men. It is also possible to mount selected stones.

Nikl goldsmiths

Taborstraße 79
1020 Vienna

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