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Book cover "The world of yesterday" by Stefan Zweig
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Reading Vienna

Vienna has always stimulated the imagination of artists and writers to produce their very best works. A city that is muse, source of inspiration, and place of action all rolled into one. And that's good for us. Because there are still many books and novels by Austrian and international writers that celebrate Vienna as their leading lady. Browse through Vienna's best stories with us.

Top 6 books on Vienna by Austrian writers

Top 6 books on Vienna by international writers

A list of the books:

Austrian writers about Vienna:

  • Robert Musil | The Man Without Qualities | 1930 (rororo Verlag)
  • Joseph Roth | The Emperor's Tomb | 1938 (dtv Verlag)
  • Stefan Zweig | The World of Yesterday | 1942 (S. Fischer Verlag)
  • Heimito von Doderer | The Strudelhof Steps | 1951 (dtv Verlag)
  • Elfriede Jelinek | The Piano Teacher | 1983 (rororo Verlag)
  • Robert Seethaler | The Tobacconist | 2012 (Kein & Aber Verlag)

International writers about Vienna:

  • Graham Greene | The Third Man | 1950 (dtv Verlag)
  • John Irving | The World According to Garp | 1978 (rororo Verlag)
  • Elias Canetti | The Torch in My Ear | 1980 (S. Fischer Verlag)
  • Irvin D. Yalom | When Nietzsche Wept | 2001 (btb Verlag)
  • Edmund de Waal | The Hare with Amber Eyes | 2010 (Zsolnay Verlag)
  • Tim Bonyhady | Good Living Street | 2011 (Zsolnay Verlag)