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2017: In the rhythm of Vienna

At first glance, Vienna stands above all for classical music, which 10,000 music lovers can enjoy 'live' every evening. The Vienna Philharmonic, which was founded 175 years ago (special exhibition at the House of Music!), and the Vienna Boys' Choir, which has been active since 1498, are international showpieces. The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna – a first-class, international institutions for musicians – celebrates 200 years in 15 June.

The Vienna State Opera, Musikverein and Konzerthaus are mandatory items on the agendas of many visitors to Vienna. Music fans will also find things of interest at Mozarthaus Vienna or on the musical stages.

Danube so blue

Three-four time is in the air in Vienna. Dance couples have been dancing on the dance floor to Johann Strauss' world-famous Blue Danube Waltz for 150 years already. Strauss specialists – and those aspiring to become one – dive into the exciting history of the Blue Danube Waltz in the special exhibition at the Strauss Dynasty Museum (16 February - 31 December 2017).

At the House of Music visitors can lead the baton and be "virtual conductors" of the Blue Danube Waltz, and a room of the exhibition there is dedicated to Johann Strauss and the Vienna Waltz. The golden statue of the Waltz King in the Stadtpark is one of the most popular photographic motifs in Vienna.

15,000 times music

Every year in Vienna, there are over 15,000 concerts of every kind, from Baroque to Electronic.  Music festivals such as Wien Modern, Resonanzen, Voice Mania, Rock in Vienna, the Danube Island Festival, the Music Film Festival, the Popfest or Waves Vienna are scattered throughout the year. At night, people really let their hair down in the music venues on the Gürtel, in the clubs along the Danube Canal or at the Pratersauna.

Music can also be experienced in the concert cafés, at balls, in heuriger, at the change of year on the New Year's Eve Trail or along the course of the Vienna City Marathon.

All the best, Your Majesty!

Birthdays should be celebrated. And so there will be a first-class series of exhibitions to mark Maria Theresa's 300th birthday. Empress Elisabeth would have celebrated her 180th birthday in 2017 – so it's worth making a detour to the Sisi Museum. Both women always spent their summers in Schönbrunn Palace. The 120 year-old Giant Ferris Wheel and the 265 year-old Schönbrunn Zoo are - as always - worth a visit.

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