Beethoven's apartment in Heiligenstadt

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Beethoven Museum

The illuminated themed areas include the history of the house, Beethoven's move from Bonn to Vienna, his stay here in Heiligenstadt - a trendy spa town at the time - the nature, the composing, the moneymaking, performance-giving at the time and his legacy.

Exhibits include ear pipes (an early kind of hearing device) and a prompt box (that was placed on Beethoven's grand piano to amplify the sound). There are also some bizarre items: Eggs symbolize the quick-tempered character of the composer - he is said to have thrown them. In 1875, a company called Liebig started adding collectible pictures to the product packaging of its meat extracts in order to increase its sales, which it did with success; the exhibited edition recounts the content of Beethoven's opera Fidelio. Beethoven's dwindling hearing can be recreated at listening stations.

Beethoven in Heiligenstadt

In this house, the 32 year-old Beethoven wrote his "Heiligenstadt Testament" in a state of deep despair. He wrote this letter to his brother, which was never sent, when he learned that there would be no remedy for his deafness. At the same time, he worked at Probusgasse on major works, including the three piano sonatas Opus 31, the oratorio "Christ on the Mount of Olives" and the "Eroica" symphony.

Heiligenstadt was situated far outside the city walls back then; today, it is part of the smart 19th district (Döbling). Just a few steps away is the heuriger (wine tavern) Mayer am Pfarrplatz, located in an atmospheric house which Beethoven lived in for a while in 1817. There are excellent Viennese wines here.

Another tip: Ten minutes' walk up Eroicagasse, a path leads along a stream - the Beethovengang often visited by the maestro.

Beethoven Museum

Probusgasse 6
1190 Vienna
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      Patio and exhibition areas: no steps; ticket/shop area 2 steps, restrooms 2 steps. The various exhibition rooms can be reached via several steps. Seating on the patio and by individual exhibits in the exhibition rooms.

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