Circus Roncalli 2018 - Storyteller. Artificial elephants made of light (holograms).
© Circus Roncalli/Bernd Schösser

Circus Roncalli

Historic circus wagons and a 16-meter high tent accommodating 1,500 people will transform the square in front of Vienna City Hall into a fairytale landscape. When darkness falls, 10,000 light bulbs and brass lamps will illuminate the magical circus city.

Classical circus to performance

The popular Circus Roncalli and its famous artists delight audiences young and old with their new show "Storyteller. Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow". The program ranges from classical circus art to modern performance theater.

The now world-famous company was founded 42 years ago by Bernhard Paul – and the magic lives on. From Moscow to Havana, the circus people head out and about to find young talents with new numbers. New this time: aerial acrobat Adèle Fame, the cheeky young Mexican clown Chisterrin and Mike Chao, one of the best magicians in the world.

Horses made of light

From 2018, Roncalli will no longer have any animal actors. Roncalli uses an innovative stage, light and holography technique: The new program brings animals to life in a completely new and unique way. Roncalli's life-size horse puppet is creation full of poetry that leads to another dimension of performing art.

The stars of the circus ring – about 20 performers take to the spotlight every evening with dazzling performances – will ensure that every one of the 57 performances is a feast for the senses and emotions.

Circus Roncalli at City Hall Square, Vienna

September 13 to October 14, 2018

Horses made of light at Circus Roncalli (holograms).
© Circus Ronacalli/Bernd Schösser
Circus Roncalli, evenings at the Vienna City Hall Square
© Circus Roncalli
Circus Roncalli 2018 - Adele Fame

Aerial acrobat Adèle Fame

© Circus Roncalli
Circus Roncalli 2018: Clown Gensi

Clown Gensi

© Circus Roncalli
Circus Roncalli 2018: Clown Chistirrin from Mexico

Clown Chisterrin

© Circus Roncalli
Circus Roncalli – night-time atmosphere
© Circus Roncalli

City Hall Square

Rathausplatz, 1010 Wien
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