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Meet Beethoven with Alexa and Google Home

This skill takes you to the traces left in Vienna by the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. They include the Beethoven Museum, the many residential and memorial sites and the places of his greatest triumphs and deepest despair. Meet Beethoven as a person with this interactive audio piece and find out more about his patrons and friends, his favorite food and final resting place. And you’ll hear excerpts from his wonderful music, recorded for the Beethoven year 2020 by a top orchestra: the Wiener Symphoniker, conducted by Philippe Jordan.

Beethoven as acoustic delight

Following a short intro, the skill asks questions to guide you towards anecdotes and information about Beethoven’s life and Vienna - the City of Music. You can decide which episode you’d like to hear first. You have more options to choose at the end of each episode. You can experience a total of 28 stories and ten musical excerpts from the nine Beethoven symphonies in the innovative “audio journey”.

“Oh you men who think or say that I am malevolent, stubborn or misanthropic, how greatly do you wrong me...”
Beethoven, Heiligenstadt Testament, 1802

This is how it works:

Alexa Skill
Alexa Skill Store
To enable the Skill: "Alexa, enable Beethoven's Vienna"
To listen again: "Alexa, start Beethoven's Vienna"

Google Action
Google Action Store
To start Beethoven in Vienna simply say: "Ok Google, I want to talk to Beethoven's Vienna"

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