Mozarthaus Vienna
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Mozarthaus Vienna

His apartment on the first floor was positively grand, with four large rooms, two small ones and a kitchen. His whole life long, he attached great importance to outward appearances, so smart clothes and buckled shoes were a must for him.

Wolfgang Amadeus probably spent the happiest years of his life here. At all events, he lived here for longer than in any other apartment. Particularly during this period, Mozart was a celebrated composer, had an illustrious circle of friends, and was asked to give countless concerts at the houses of the nobility.

And it was here at Domgasse that he also penned his best compositions, including what is perhaps his most popular opera The Marriage of Figaro.

W. A. Mozart: "I confess all these, my sins, in the hope that I may be permitted to confess them more often."

Occupying 1,000 square meters on six levels, the Mozarthaus was opened on January 27, 2006 – the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth.

Special Exhibition during Beethoven Year 2020

The Triad of the First Viennese School: Haydn – Mozart – Beethoven

The three composers left their mark on their epoch of music history, the "First Viennese School". The exhibition traces the commonalities, parallels, and opposites of the three giants of the music world. Mozart and Haydn were close friends and made music together in Mozart's apartment (in today's Mozarthaus Vienna). Beethoven would have liked to have been a pupil of Mozart; later on, Haydn became his teacher. 2020 is Beethoven Year - the composer would celebrate his 250th birthday. (May 31, 2020 - Jan. 31, 2021)

Visitors are immersed in the vibrant world of Mozart, experiencing his bounteous genius and creativity, his family, and his friends and foes in Vienna of the late Baroque. Become acquainted with Mozart’s enigmatic personality – an experience par excellence!

Mozarthaus Vienna is also a great place for kids - special audio guides for children are available for free (as well as adult versions).

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