Franz Schubert Memorials

Franz Schubert's Birthplace

(and Adalbert Stifter memorial rooms)

Today the house where Schubert first saw the light of day on January 31st 1797 looks very picturesque: at the time, however, sixteen families lived in as many bed-sit apartments in the house. Paintings, drawings, first editions of his works and the composer's guitar are as much mementoes of him as are the metal-rimmed glasses that he often did not even take off at night so that he could start writing music immediately upon waking up.

Two of the rooms in the Schubert house are dedicated to Adalbert Stifter, the great writing contemporary of Schubert.

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Schubert's "Sterbewohnung" - where he died

Perhaps the most poignant of all the Wien Museum’s composer memorials is the house where Schubert died near Naschmarkt. Franz Schubert lived here for several weeks as his brother's guest in an apartment consisting of two rooms and a cabinet study on the second floor of the Biedermeier house, until his death on 19 November 1828. Here he composed his last works, among them the song "The Shepherd on the Rock". The exhibits document the last weeks of his life, Schubert's death, the funeral, and the grave of the composer just near Beethoven's last resting place in what was then the Währing local cemetery.

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