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Schubertkirche (Schubert Church) Lichtental, baroque, inside

Summer concerts in the Schubertkirche

The concerts, which are held every Tuesday from 24 June to 2 September 2014, include evenings of songs and arias, classical chamber music, a choral performance and a Baroque program. Alternatively, the focus is on individual instruments such as the piano and the - older - hammerklavier, the guitar or strings.

The Schubertkirche in Vienna's 9th district is not far from the city centre. The summer concerts here are a tip for music fans who prefer small, intimate settings. Above all a Viennese audience is to be found here. Costing EUR 20.00, these performances are very affordable, yet of high quality.

Summer concerts in the Schubertkirche

24 June - 2 September 2014 - Special Concert: Church Concecration Festival 20 September 2014, 7.30 pm
every Tu, 7.30 pm
Seats can be reserved by telephone:
T +43 1 315 26 46
Detailed program:

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