Festival of Joy, Heldenplatz, open-air concert by the Wiener Symphoniker

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Symphoniker Open-Air Concert

The Wiener Symphoniker, one of Vienna's best orchestras, treat the Viennese and their guests to a free open-air concert in the early summer.

After two years in which the Festival of Joy was held virtually, it is now scheduled to be held live again on Heldenplatz: On May 8, the day of joy over the end of the National Socialist regime in Europe. The concert is dedicated to the memory of those who fell victim to the policy of persecution and destruction. The well-known contemporary witness Erika Freeman has been secured as speaker. The focal subject is  "Political resistance". This will also be on the musical program that the Wiener Symphoniker, under the direction of Lahav Shani, put together with guests.

In the last nine years, more than 128,000 participants from home and abroad sent out a powerful signal at the Festival of Joy for the establishment of a worthy commemorative event on May 8, liberation day.

Festival of Joy

Sunday, May 8, 2022, 7.30 pm, free admission


1010 Vienna

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