Volksoper Symphonic Orchestra Vienna in front of the Volksoper building
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Volksoper Symphony Orchestra

The wide-ranging daily work with singers of the Volksoper Vienna has turned the orchestra into a flexible ensemble whose versatility is mirrored in its comprehensive repertoire, which ranges from compositions of the Baroque era to contemporary works. Performances of "The Creation" by Joseph Haydn and "A German Requiem" by Johannes Brahms were as successful as concerts of contemporary music at the Vienna Festival.

In addition to the daily repertoire of operas (Baroque to the 21st century), operettas, and musicals, the ensemble puts special emphasis on the care of the Viennese Operetta and the outstanding orchestra works of the Strauss dynasty as well as Franz Lehár and Franz von Suppé.

Concert tours around the world have brought international renown to the orchestra. The Volksoper Symphony Orchestra celebrated special triumphs in Asia with a number of appearances. As early as 1998, the orchestra performed its 100th concert in Japan and in the coming years will continue to perform its traditional New Year's Concerts in the Suntory Hall in Tokyo.

Music by Johann Strauss

Music by Johann Strauß.

These melodies and others can be heard on the CDs "The Music of Johann Strauss" (Vol. 1) and "The Music of Strauss, Lehar, & Kálman" (Vol. 2)

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