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Mike Svoboda

Wien Modern

One of the most important festivals of contemporary music has been held in Vienna for the past 29 years: Wien Modern, founded by Claudio Abbado. Music city Vienna presents its innovative side.

From Mahler to Cerha

This year, 55 out of the total of 88 events are new works and premieres, but there's also music by the "great-granddaddies" Mahler, Schönberg and Ravel. Whether serious or ironic, melancholic or angry, experimental or simply wonderful, the program is full of contrasts and spans the generations.

Prominent composers are celebrating milestone birthdays and are honored accordingly – such as Friedrich Cerha, György Kurtag, Steve Reich and Sofia Gubaidulina. The performers are right up there with the grand composers: including the Vienna Philharmonic, the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Klangforum Wien and soloists such as Eva Reiter, Martin Grubinger and Peter Simonischek.

Three spectacular major projects by string quartets offer full performances of all the quartets composed by Birtwistle, Schönberg and Shostakovich. Then there are great orchestral concerts, chamber music, media art, musical theater and more. The best thing to do is go along, listen and be amazed by what New Music sounds like in Vienna.

29th Wien Modern Festival

30 October - 30 November 2016
21 venues across Vienna
Program, information, tickets:

Eva Reiter, Wien Modern 2016

Eva Reiter

Ensemble Klangforum Wien

Klangforum Wien ensemble

Olga Neuwirth, Wien Modern 2015

Olga Neuwirth

Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra (ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien)

Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra (ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien)

Vienna, Ensemble Phace

Ensemble Phace

Martin Grubinger,

Martin Grubinger

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