The experimental instrument makers Paul Skrepek and Andreas Platzer

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Contemporary sounds at Wien Modern

With extraordinary listening moments and immersive sound spaces, Wien Modern invites you to immerse yourself in a world of new sound systems, radically tuned color palettes and special musical instruments.

On to new music

Perhaps "new music beginners" at first don't quite know how to deal with these unexpected, unclassifiable under-, over-, intermediate- and secondary tones, which don't correspond to the classical, learned harmony ideal. But perhaps the brave ones will get a taste for it. In any case, this year's festival motto "Stimmung" (mood) reflects the essence of music. In the search for the common tone, music creates mood, also in the sense of atmosphere. When reaching for fine intermediate tones, it finds surprising, touchingly beautiful alternatives to the frozen grids of the past.

Culture with a distance

Wien Modern has 32 days to let the diversity and power of the current art forms of music become tangible. All this can be experienced at 32 venues, large and small. Of course, all locations are adapted to Corona.

From the giant organ to the sound bath

Among the program highlights: Edu Haubensaks eleven pianos in the cleared out Great Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus (31.10.), two open days in studios for experimental instrument making (7/8.11.), a virtual headphone room by Fennesz (NOvember 17-21), Klaus Lang's giant organ concert for the widely separated Vienna Symphony Orchestra in St. Stephen's Cathedral (November 19), the transformation of the Kunsthistorisches Museum into a walk-in sound bath with an ideal distance of no less than two meters (November 28). Much, much more at

Vienna Modern 33

32 different venues in 9 districts of Vienna
Reservation obligation for all events

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