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Dancing on impulse

What does it take to turn someone into an ImPulsTanz workshop junkie?

Just being there once – that’s all it takes to catch the bug. Any-one with a thing for dancing will be hooked. Beginners are in their element in the basic courses, which is something that many of my friends were not aware of – they assumed that ImPulsTanz was only for pros.

There are 250 workshops to choose from: what are your favorites?

Most of the workshops I go to are on contemporary jazz. I like that best of all, and Salim Gauwloos is one of my favorites. And I like street jazz, too. I once booked Jermaine Browne’s FemFunk, a very feminine dancing style that I think is really cool. Very self-confident. It makes you feel like a woman from head to toe. We also danced in high heels.

Dance and tears: have your already been pushed to your personal limits?

Although I’m not a professional dancer, I like the advanced workshops. If one of the dancers from the Vienna State Opera pulls off three pirouettes one after the other without any problems, then the best I can do is pretend that I am up to at least two. But it’s fun!

I definitely push up against my physical limits: I’ve got cuts on my knees, blisters on my toes, bruises all over and everything hurts. My boyfriend asks me: “Why do you put yourself through it?” But then he looks at my face and sees me beaming with pleasure.

Who participates in the workshops?

You meet all sorts of people. In a street jazz class, everyone moves in this extremely cool way. It’s all very stylish. And then you find out from the person next to you that she is a lawyer and normally wears a suit to work. Everyone is equal at ImPulsTanz: young, old, pros and beginners. It’s a nice community.

What is going on in your head and body when you dance?

When I start dancing, I stop thinking about phone calls and appointments. I’m in my own world. It’s like meditation, although you have to stay fully concentrated to follow the choreography. But there will always be a moment when you can let go. You’re in the here and now. That’s priceless.

Interview: Susanna Burger

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