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Donaukanaltreiben 2016, crowd making party at the waterside
© Jana Sabo


There is a brilliantly colorful program from the Spittelau to Franzensbrücke, with free admission to around 15 venues, including the Summerstage, Strandbar Herrmann, the Grelle Forelle, the Adria Wien, the Motto am Fluss and the Pool Boat. The DJ sets, dance workshops, fashion market, sports offerings as well as market booths and food corners will evoke a vacation feeling - as, of course, will any number of live concerts by predominantly Austrian bands.

Top musical acts

The Donaukanaltreiben is all about partying. The line-up includes bands such as Schönheitsfehler. The guys are considered pioneers of Austrian hip hop, their live performances are rare. And they bring with them their new album #gutesleben (good life). Guests from Germany: the ingenious Leoniden, a five-piece indie rock band from Kiel with a great affinity for partying.

And visitors can look forward to discovering many other musicians at the festival, as well as seeing some familiar faces: Yukno, Mickey, Cari Cari, Die Buben im Pelz, Isolation Berlin, Fuzzman, Sofa Surfers, Symphonix DJ-Set, Samt ...

The yellow Vienna Boat Taxi will transport visitors across the water to the individual locations for free. There are indoor after-show parties late at night.

12th Donaukanaltreiben

May 31 to June 3, 2018
Danube Canal Promenade from the Spittelau to the Franzensbrücke, 1010 Vienna
Free admission
Program and locations:

Danube canal promenade

Donaukanal, 1010 Wien
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