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KARAT APART, Band on the Wienerlied Advent calendar 2016

Accordion Festival 2017

The Accordion Festival in Vienna has been around for 18 years. Fans of the Quetschn, as the Viennese call the accordion, can look forward to both traditional styles as well as experimental sounds. And no matter the style, the music is certain to be intoxicating.

The Accordion Festival will kick off on 25 February with Großmütterchen Hatz & Klok and the ladies from Karat Apart. The next day audiences will be treated to performances by Otto Lechner, the leading artistic light of the Accordion Festival, and The Wiener Zieharmoniker at Theater Akzent.

A few highlights from the colorful concert series: The Klezmatics from the United States (13 March, Theater Akzent), a performance by the Wiener Tschuschenkapelle (19 March, Schutzhaus Zukunft) and a traditional concert with Dobrek Bistro (22 March, Orpheum). Attwenger,a two-man band from Upper Austria, will play their innovative folk music on 24 March at Schutzhaus Zukunft.

The festival will come to a close with the wonderful Italian accordionist Riccardo Tesi and Bellaciao in Metropol. For over 20 years now Tesi has held onto his reputation as one of the most imaginative artists on the diatonic button accordion.

Lounge, Films, Dancing

What’s more, the Accordion Festival Lounge takes place in Café Mocca on Saturdays, hosted by musician Franziska Hatz, and there are silent film matinees with live musical accompaniment and Swing Nights for dance enthusiasts on Sundays.

18th International Accordion Festival 2017

25 Feb. -26 March 2017
Various venues

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