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Musicians from the band Golf

Waves Vienna

From September 29 to October 1, the top-class Waves Vienna music festival will take place in the city for the sixth time.  With over 100 international acts ranging from alternative and singer-songwriter to electronic and club music, the festival will this year be focused around Vienna’s 9th district. In addition to well-known locations such as WUK, where the festival’s headquarters will be situated, concerts and performances will also be held at more unusual venues such as the Schubert Theater and the Disco Palme club in the cellar of Café Weimar.

Numerous live performances

A highlight among the many performances on offer will be a concert by flamboyant Finnish musician Jimi Tenor, a veteran of the electronic music scene. Finley Quaye (UK) is also very well-known, especially for his unconventional mix of reggae, retro-soul, and African beats. Indie-pop band Black Honey (UK) will also be performing, as will charismatic Canadian singer Hannah Epperson and US indie-rock band We Are Scientists. The Cologne-based band Golf, one of the most exciting acts in Germany at the moment, has accepted an invitation to perform.

The Austrian music scene is also unusually strongly represented this year and offers plenty to be discovered: A Life A Song A Cigarette, Avec, Eloui, Hella Komet, and much more. A performance by the Iranian indie-rock band Langtunes also promises to be a highlight.

Guest countries

This year’s guest countries are Germany and Israel, and they will be the focus of the festival’s live concerts and of the Waves Vienna conference. The conference on September 30 and the workshop day on October 1 will both take place at WUK

Waves Vienna - Music Festival & Conference

Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2016
Program, tickets, locations:

Festival headquarters:

Finley Quaye

Finley Quaye (UK)

Musicians from the band A Life A Song A Cigarette

A Life A Song A Cigarette (AT)

Exterior shot of the WUK, old brick building


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