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Gürtel Nightwalk 2009

Gürtel Nightwalk

Since the mid-1990s a young, dynamic local scene has established itself in the revitalised City Rail arches. Warm summer nights in a sidewalk café next to one of Vienna's main arteries are more inviting than that may sound, and for night owls who follow the city's night-time scene, they are a fixed item in the weekly agenda.

Live bands, DJs, perfomances

The Gürtel Nightwalk is a cultural highlight, due to hit the stage this year for the nineteenth time: From the Chelsea to the Rhiz between Thaliastraße and Josefstädterstraße as far as the B72 and the Loop, the Gürtel is lined with many open-air stages, on which national and international music acts perform. Admission is free. Last, but not least, the Gürtel Nightwalk also acts as an exhibition of the local alternative music scene.

Gürtel Nightwalk XIX.

August 27, 2016
Inside in case of rain
Program, venues (online from end of July 2016):

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