Gürtel Nightwalk 2009

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Gürtel Nightwalk XXII

A young, dynamic entertainment scene has established itself in the revitalized arches of the former Stadtbahn railway. Mild summer nights in a sidewalk dining area along one of Vienna's main thoroughfares are more inviting than they sound and a fixed item of the entertainment week for scene-keen night owls.

The highlight of the year comes at the end of August: The extremely lively bar, restaurant and cultural area presents itself in all its variety for the Gürtel Nightwalk - and all with free admission. A party for 25.000 participants every year.

Live bands, DJs, performances

This year marks the 22nd Nightwalk: From Thaliastrasse to Alserstrasse, the Gürtel is lined with around 20 stages, on which national and international music acts perform indoors and outdoors. The four popular open-air stages will once again be set up at the veteran Gürtel entertainment venues Chelsea, rhiz, B72 and Loop.

The live music program mainly includes pop and rock, but also much more from adventurous protagonists. The Gürtel Nightwalk is also a showcase for the domestic alternative music scene. Vienna's DJs offer a wide range to listen and dance to. And the Gürtel establishments also have top-quality gastronomic offerings. All in all, 31 August is a date to save!

From the program (outdoor)

  • Chelsea: Strandhase, Scrabeusdream
  • B72: Yokohoma, Siamese Elephants
  • Rhiz: Dun Field Three, Shamamas
  • Loop/Gürtelbräu: Good Wilson, Krayne, Yakata

Gürtel Nightwalk XXII

August 31, 2019
In the cafés, bars and restaurants if it rains
Program, venues, addresses: www.guertelnightwalk.at

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