Laokoongruppe (Band) in front of the Parliament / TheyShootMusic

They Shoot Music, Don't They

The four operators of They Shoot Music feel strongly linked to the (musical) subculture in all its richness. Vienna can count itself lucky to be a place in which lots happens, young people implement their own ideas and international guests who perform at festivals or one of the city's many concert venues are welcome.

They Shoot Music, Don't They uses its international contacts and connections within the scene to work with bands to record really special music videos that can rightly be described as oblique: well-known names such as dEUS, Chikinki, Die Goldenen Zitronen, Portugal The Man, Au Revoir Simone and Laokoongruppe (top right in the photo) each play an acoustic number at venues such as City Park, the Augarten Bridge, St. Rupert's Church and a pizzeria.

The videos appear in the association's blog and the recording locations are tagged on a map. On average, one video appears each week and the operators are currently working on expanding to other locations. It is a passionate project, which celebrates the diversity of music and the opportunities that Vienna offers as a city.

Dive into this world of unconventional city recording at

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